Marla Brown, Co-Founder

Philadelphia, PA

Marla has a wide array of skills that prompted her to start The Concierge with her partner Sam.  Starting off as an executive assistant at Comcast, Marla quickly moved to the marketing coordinator position where she was in charge of all of their social media pages, updating their Affiliate Sales & Marketing website, maintaining budgets and planning national events, she also continued to act as the executive assistant for the EVP of her department . After having her two boys, Marla began proofreading for MAGNA Legal Services, which allowed her to work while spending time with her children.  Even though this was a perfect job for her at the time, it didn’t fill the void missing in her professional life that was absent since she left Comcast. Her determination and vision, coupled with the same drive from her partner, transformed The Concierge from an idea to a reality.

Samantha Wolf, Co-Founder

Philadelphia, PA

Samantha's motivation, enthusiasm and professional experience prompted her (and her partner Marla) to start The Concierge.  She served as an event planner in Philadelphia and New York.  Planning corporate and personal events was her niche in the industry and while it was chaotic at times, it provided her with excitement and the thrill of planning A to Z. After 10 years in the industry, she turned her focus to becoming an executive assistant where she could use all of the same skills, but only for one person.  Sam has served as the EA for the president of a staffing company, along with two vice presidents for Automatic Data Processing (ADP).  After taking some time off to be with her two beautiful girls, Sam’s eagerness to start working again grew.  That is when Sam and Marla created The Concierge, their most recent baby. This is a perfect avenue for Sam to put her skills on display and watch their company flourish.


Marissa Gaab, Virtual Assistant  Asheville, NC

Marissa Gaab, Virtual Assistant

Asheville, NC



Marissa's varied business background provides a well-rounded and diverse foundation for her work at The Concierge Assistants. After graduating from The University of Pittsburgh, she served as a media intern for The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, ensuring that social media platforms, interviews and regional marketing events aligned with the non-profit's mission. Shifting direction, she spent three years as a Head Trainer honing her customer service and behavioral change knowledge. She utilizes these tools for seamless communication, punctuality and attention to detail for each individual task. Prior to working at The Concierge, Marissa worked as an executive assistant for a Early Learning Practice and Asheville Eye Associates in Asheville, NC. She created and implemented efficient organizational and communication systems to ameliorate common pain points for patients. Currently, Marissa is an active member of a Jill Coleman's business mentorship program, in which she continues to hone her business, media, design and customer service skills with the latest technological releases and market analysis.

Heather Fischer, Virtual Assistant  Philadelphia, PA

Heather Fischer, Virtual Assistant

Philadelphia, PA

Heather comes from 15 years of retail experience. After graduating from Syracuse University, Heather started her career at Macy’s in the executive training program.  Since then she has held roles in buying, planning, bridal, and most recently merchandise operations.  After deciding not to relocate with her last company, Heather enjoyed some time off with her kids and decided it was time for a career change.  Heather’s experiences coupled with her strong organization, communication, social media and technical skills are helping to build her clients’ fast-growing businesses.  

Danny Francisco, Virtual Assistant  Doylestown, PA

Danny Francisco, Virtual Assistant

Doylestown, PA

Danny has worked in different cities around the world giving her a diverse, versatile and unique perspective on what people are looking for.  She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Communications and International Studies. Her career evolved from direct engagement sales with small businesses at ADP, to project management and driving robust marketing strategies at both Google and JNJ.  After starting a family, Danny was excited to join The Concierge Assistants and spend less time commuting and more time at home with her three kids.  She is also a licensed real estate agent with a love of small-town living and work-life balance.  

Melanie Williams, Virtual Assistant  Santa Monica, CA

Melanie Williams, Virtual Assistant

Santa Monica, CA

Melanie has worked in various business backgrounds within her time as an executive assistant. Serving and supporting a number of roles in different industries has enabled her to have a diverse portfolio. Melanie has supported CEOs, business professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and other high profile individuals. Her attention to detail, project management skills, and event planning experience make her a team player for any group as additional support to get the job done.

Open Positions

Virtual Assistant

The Concierge is looking for a virtual assistant who carries the following responsibilities (but not limited to):

  • Must be organized, computer savvy and highly motivated

  • Must be able to multi-task and keep track of hours worked

  • Have the ability to work without being micromanaged is huge (as this is a virtual position)

  • Experience in delivering client-focused solutions based on customer needs

  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects at a time while paying strict attention to details

  • A knack for attention to detail, organization, and planning/scheduling

This position fluctuates based on the workload of our clients.  

The Virtual Assistant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Managing social media accounts

  • E-mail/calendar management

  • Booking travel accommodations

  • Liaison between client and their contacts

  • Website management

  • Event management

  • Marketing


  • Must have a BA/BS degree

  • At least 5 years of Administrative Assistant experience

  • Additional sought after qualifications include 2+ years of recent experience in the following software: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Constant Contact, Photoshop


Name *